Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Khakassia

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Khakassia

On the territory of South Siberia, to the left of Yenisei, the Republic of Khakassia is located. Its main territory falls on the Khakassko-Minusinsk depression and the Sayano-Altai highlands, part of the area is occupied by large rivers, two belong to the Yenisei basin, it is Abakan and Yenisei, and four to the basin Obi, among them Tom, Chulym, White and Black. Two hydroelectric power stations have been built on the Yenisei, Sayano-Shushenskaya and Mainskaya.

Spring is short, April - May, in summer, in June - July, it is cool, the snow falls already at the end of October. Winters are harsh, the air temperature can drop to - 52 degrees. Snow lasts until April.

Among the nationalities more than 80% are Russian, about 12% Khakass, and slightly more than 1% Germans. There are three big cities, these are Abakan, Sayanogorsk and Chernogorsk.

Vegetation of Khakassia is rather peculiar, some species of flora are poorly understood. Here plants of high mountains and taiga forests, meadows and steppes have taken root. In the mountains and taiga regions dark coniferous trees prevail, mainly fir and cedar. The undergrowth is honeysuckle, round-birchen birch, gray willow, short alder, currant and wild rosemary. There are a lot of lingonberries and blueberries. The valleys are dominated by birch, willow, fir, cedar and fir occur. Alpine meadows, mountain tundra and cedar woodlands stretch in the highlands. In the tundra grow shrubs, herbs, among which many flowering plants, and lichens. In steppe regions, wormwood grows, a snakehead, thyme, feather grass, bluegrass, onions, asters and many other species.

The territory of the Khakass Republic is inhabited by a wide variety of animals, among the mammals are common Dzhungar hamsters, voles, moles, gophers and hares. There are fur-bearing animals, muskrat and mink. There are badgers, shrews, and large predatory animals, such as foxes and lynxes, wolves and gluttons, brown bears. Large horned animals also found shelter in local forests, these are Sayan northern reindeer, Moose, roe deer, deer and musk deer. The world of reptiles is represented by patterned stalks, shield muzzles, vipers and viviparous lizards. From the world of birds, it is possible to distinguish a quail, a gray duck, a shilohvost, a mallard, a crane-belladonna.

In Khakassia there are large reserves of iron ore and molybdenum, gold and coal. There is mining of non-metal minerals, bentonite, barite, facing marble, granite, building materials. Also extracted gypsum, asbestos, jadeite and nephrite.

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