Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Smolensk region

Coat of Arms Smolensk Region

During the Great Patriotic War the Smolensk region, like a rope, was dragged from hand to hand. In the territory of this region there were so many battles and so much blood was spilled that can not be described in words. That is why the Smolensk region is famous for its abundance and variety of memorials, monuments and other memorial sites.

When you arrive in the Smolensk region, do not forget to lay flowers at the monument of the Scorched Flower, erected in honor of the children who died in Nazi concentration camps, to pay tribute to the monument to the defenders of Smolensk, at the monument to Kutuzov. Do not forget to accompany a minute of silence to the trek to the Katyn Forest. There, in this green silence, the Katyn memorial quietly lives its quiet life, erected in memory of the executed Polish and Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. Such places do not bring rest, they on the contrary, plunge into thoughts, force a person to withdraw into himself and comprehend his life. But, despite this, every person is obliged to visit such places, because those in honor of whom these objects were erected, died fighting for their homeland, for our lives with you, or fell completely innocent victims in battle. They deserve tribute. Everyone should know their history.

Beautiful picturesque nature reserve Khmelita and the museum-estate of the greatest Russian writer Griboyedov are beautiful. On its territory which the reserve is based on. The landscapes here are simply breathtaking! Words can not be described. Authentic Russian nature and space, sung in the work of literally all Russian writers, artists, composers of different times.

The national park "Smolenskoye Poozerie" attracts with its beauty. As many as thirty-five lakes, created once in the distant past by glaciers, make up this park, this unique sight. On the territory of this unique reserve there are rare animals that are listed in the Red Book, animals and plants that are carefully and carefully guarded.

Majestic and holy buildings fill the Smolensk region. Among them, the XII Century church of Michael the Archangel, Catholic church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Abraham's monastery, built in XIII Century, the Smolensk fortress wall, dated XVI Century, Smolensk smithy, which originated in XVII Century, and many other architectural objects.

The Smolensk region does not fill the soul with joy, it rather makes you plunge into history, feel all those events that happened to our ancestors.

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