Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Republic of Chechnya

Coat of Arms of the Chechen Republic

In the valleys of the beautiful blue rivers Terek and Sunzha, in the Northern Caucasus the most beautiful region, the republic that is part of the Russian Federation, called Chechenskaya, extends. Monumental mountain ranges and mesmerizing intermontane valleys, incredible river beauty, fresh green forests, a huge number of attractions, including unique architectural buildings, museums, libraries, theaters and much more. This is an incredibly beautiful region, fascinating travelers with its quaintly refined nature and the most interesting cultural and historical sites.

The most beautiful mosque under the name "Heart of Chechnya" became the symbol of the Chechen Republic. These words speak for themselves. Just looking at this magnificent structure makes one feel the spirit of this wonderful region.

The Argun gorge is another peculiar, as they say, "visiting card" of the Chechen Republic. The edge of the Nakhs and the oldest watchtowers is today the most modern ski resort.

The city of incredible contrasts is Grozny City. Every traveler is obliged to visit here. This place has brought together ancient temples, magnificent mosques, ancient quarters and ... beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style!

Another place of incredible impressions is the hippodrome in Gudermes. Here you can get to know better such beautiful animals as horses, and feel all the Chechen love for them.

You can learn more about the most interesting history of the Chechen Republic and feel the spirit of this people by visiting such magnificent places as Itum-Kali, which is a kind of a reflection of Chechnya as a whole. Magnificent Maista is a mountainous region recognized by the Chechens as the most amazing of all. The Dondy-Yurt Museum, located in the village of Urus-Martan, the National Museum of the Chechen Republic, the Glory Memorial to them. A. Kadyrova - all these are beautiful objects, imbued with the spirit of this region. An ancient Orthodox church in the name of the Archangel Michael in the city of Grozny dipped headlong into the history of the Chechen Republic.

The incredible beauty of the lake is on the territory of the Chechen Republic. Amazed by the saturation of their colors - blue and turquoise. These are magnificent places, it is simply impossible to admire them.

The Chechen Republic is one of those most interesting and unique places where every person is simply obliged to visit. These mountain bends, this water turquoise, this green, sheltering valleys, always sinks into the soul.

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