Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Pskov region

Coat of Arms Pskov Region

Living History in the Pskov Region

The Pskov region is the extreme North-West of Russia, bordering at once with three states. The nearest large city of Russia - St. Petersburg, before it only 280 km, which can be overcome in 4 hours.

The climate here is humid, temperate continental, the average monthly temperature in the coldest month of the year does not drop January below 25 ° C, familiar for residents - comfortable near 8 ° C, in summer it can rise to 30 ° C, although meteorologists consider the average monthly Hot season around 20 ° С. Humidity of air practically does not vary from the time of year - about 80%.

The poorest proud land

Currently, one of the poorest regions of Russia - there is a continuous decline in the population in rural areas, which is due to the lack of jobs. Residents of the Pskov region live in Russia, Gypsies, Byelorussians, Ukrainians and in connection with the proximity of borders - Latvians and Lithuanians.

The edge of the lakes, throughout the region there are about three thousand natural water formations, a huge number of rivers, rivulets and rivulets, appearing and disappearing annually. The largest river is the Great, on the shore of which the main cities of the Pskov region are located.

Reserves of the Pskov Region


View of the Pskov Kremlin and Trinity Cathedral from the embankment of the river. Great


Surprising places here, reserved, apparently therefore also come to the Pskov region tourists to go through the forests, gather mushrooms and berries. And the sanatoriums of the region are famous for the whole world - mineral waters and therapeutic mud have helped more than one person.

One of the pearls of Russian poetry "The Lay of Igor's Regiment", written about the Pskov region. Hence, Prince Igor was taken to the bride Olga, who was born in the Vybuty cemetery, near Pskov. And although the ancient settlement arose much earlier, but chronicles the mention of Pskov dates back to 903-th year, and it will be considered his birth.

Pskov land also passed the legs of foreigners, and the hoofs of the invader's horses trampled it - then from the North, then from the West all the time the Pskov land stood like a faithful outpost for more than 1100 years, blocking the way to the enemy in the center of Russia. Until now, in the land you can find artifacts - coins, bullets.

About these places wrote enthusiastic poems Alexander Pushkin -

"... All the closer to the sweet limit

I would like to rest ... ", here he met AP Kern, to whom the most tender words are dedicated:" I met you ... "

The famous cultural center, which once solved many economic issues, is now in decline. And yet, on the coat of arms of the Pskov region, the leopard proudly steps, on the arms there are also oak leaves - the strongest tree and the imperial crown. Here the beginning of the Russian state was laid, it is too early to say that the region has surrendered its positions.

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