Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Murmansk region

Coat of Arms Murmansk Region

Extending on the open spaces of the north-western part of Russia, a peninsula called Kola, the Murmansk region is quite majestic and mighty. After all, according to the legends, this region is the birthplace of the famous hero Ilya Muromets, who helped out of trouble many villagers and villages plundered by the Nightingale the Robber.

The Murmansk region is quite rich in beautiful water reservoirs, near which you can relax and gain strength for a long time. Among such wonderful places is Seydozero and Kuiva - one of the places in the region, covered with a mysterious mystery, and the mesmerizing Lake Mogilnoe, located on the island of Kildin, locals call the wonder of the world.

People living in the Murmansk region, mostly our Slavic nationality. But, still, walking through the streets of the region is likely that you will meet in the path of Komi, Tatars, Saami, Karelians and Finns.

Look through the old pages of the history of not only the Murmansk region, but the entire Slavic people, you can visit the famous Valley of Death, or, as it is called, the Valley of Glory - the most famous landmark of this region. Quite often locals bring flowers to the foot of the memorial in the name of glory and the eternal memory of the soldiers who fell in battle.

The most interesting labyrinths, full of mystery, are often found all over the Murmansk region. For local residents, this is a common thing, but what an intrigue for tourists! The most mysterious of all is the stone labyrinth "Babylon". If you look at it from a bird's eye view, it will look like a twisted snail.

They fascinate with their antiquity rock carvings, called the Kanzer petroglyphs. The Saami heritage can be explored by visiting the beautiful Lapland Nature Reserve, which has built majestic forests, mighty mountains, rare wild animals and ... a real Santa Claus!

Arriving in the Murmansk region, do not forget to admire the beautiful lighthouse, a memorial that was erected in memory of the dead sailors in peacetime. The unique sight is the Kola well.

It is incredibly interesting to visit the ostrich farm or the deer farm and enjoy the view of these wonderful animals.

On the territory of the Murmansk region are magnificent museums, visiting which you will get acquainted with the history of this region.

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