Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Kaluga region

Coat of arms of the Kaluga region

Acquaintance with the Kaluga region

The history of the development of the Kaluga region from the province, which barely made it to the ends, to one of the most advanced regions of the Russian Federation, occurred in a very short period. Only 15 years were needed for Kaluga region for economic recovery, while others for several decades could not achieve such success.

1944 year is considered the beginning of the existence of the region. The center of the European part of the Russian Federation is the location of the Kaluga Region. Borders are in contact with other areas of the country: Bryansk, Oryol, Moscow, Tula, Smolensk. Kaluga - an administrative center, from which the name of the region resembles.

Natural conditions of the Kaluga region

The weather conditions of each season of the year have their own distinctive characteristics, which are clearly expressed against the background of others. Dry and warm summers, moderately cold winters and winds of the western directions are the guarantee of fine weather all year round. Also, its climatic conditions are determined by the river network, which envelops the whole territory of the area. There are more 2 000 rivers flowing here, the Oka River is considered to be the largest and most abundant rivers, which is a tributary The Volga.

The forested area is the visiting card of the Kaluga region: a large part of the territory is coniferous-broad-leaved, and the other part is broad-leaved forests. Residents of the region are happy to rest in birch forests, which occupy not a small part of the square, but the most important attraction is the Kaluga boron. Light pine forests - a favorite place for tourists and other holidaymakers.

The Kaluga region is full of various historical monuments:

  • house-museum of Tsiolkovsky;
  • State Museum of the History of Astronautics;
  • the monastery of Optina Pustyn;
  • Borovskiy Pafnutiev Monastery;
  • Tikhonov's deserts.

In addition to historical places for recreation and cultural development, there are several new buildings for tourists, which are also popular: the cultural and educational center "Ethnomir", in which visitors can see a lot of interesting exhibits; A ski center of the European level "Kwang", where everyone can find a job for every taste and spend their leisure time actively; The first in Russia private park "Sparrows" with a lot of birds that will transform the minutes spent in this place in this fairy tale.

Everyone who visits the Kaluga region and visits the above mentioned places will necessarily want to return there even at least once!

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