Coat of arms of the Russian Federation


The coat of arms of Sevastopol

Beautiful climate, amazing Crimean nature, rich history and the longest swimming season on the peninsula - all this is Sevastopol. The main naval base of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy is located here, but despite this the city has always been and remains a tourist city, along the southern hospitable, with a very relaxed and unhurried way of life.

The majority of the city's population is made up of Russians and about a third of local Ukrainians. Basically, local residents are either military or people in one way or another connected with the tourist sphere. After all, tourism is the basis of the city's economy.

Entertainment for every taste

The fact that you can come here and spend time sunbathing on a sunny beach is no secret. But this is far from the only thing interesting this city. For those who like to delve into the historical past, the city offers more than 2 000 monuments. Museum panorama of Sevastopol, places of battles of the legendary Crimean War and located outside the city of Hersones is worth a visit first.

Young and active in Sevastopol like. Yachting, diving, rock climbing, mountain biking and walking, excursions to numerous caves, hunting and fishing are just some of the things that amateurs of active leisure will appreciate. 49 km of beaches, about a hundred hotels and recreation centers, a dozen boarding houses and the same number of yacht clubs and diving centers will not get bored.

Separately it is necessary to say about military tourism, which is actively developing in the city. Every year dozens of festivals and military-historical reconstructions pass here. Most of them are concentrated around the Genoese fortress Cembalo, which is also worth a visit on a mandatory basis. Reproduction of the battles of the Crimean War can be seen on the historic boulevard city. Theatrical performances dedicated to the Great Patriotic War are held on Sapun Mountain.

Do not forget that it is Sevastopol that is the center of the fishing and wine industry of the Crimea. Therefore, good Inkerman wine, fresh fish and seafood here in abundance.

In Sevastopol and the counties, the tourist infrastructure is well developed, so it's comfortable and convenient to relax in the city. There really is everything to have a great time, to have fun and to get better.

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