Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Yaroslavl region

Coat of Arms Yaroslavl Region

Yaroslavl Region - a place of rest for the soul and body

The Yaroslavl Region is located in the Central Federal District of Russia. The boundaries of the region, signified in 1936, were finally formed only in August of the year 1944. The city of Yaroslavl with a thousand-year history is less than three hundred kilometers from Moscow. And it belongs to one of the main stops on the route "Golden Ring". The small area and high density of the population is due to the proximity to the capital and the location in the center of the East European Plain, which means pleasant climatic conditions of the temperate continental strip.

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It is advisable to visit Yaroslavl not for one day or passing through. The region inhabited since the end of the Late Paleolithic will be of interest to lovers of history and archeology. The shore of the Volga will attract preferential sportsmen, active tourist rest. Sanatorium treatment in natural areas with mineral waters is suitable for rest and rest.

The region is rich in birch-aspen forests. Thanks to the efforts of ecologists, when creating protected water ecosystems and tourist-recreational zones, wild animals can still be found in the forests, which we may perhaps remember only from fairy tales or visiting the zoo. In the area now live and nest several dozen species of birds, in the forests there are predators: wolves, bears, foxes. In addition, part of the region is occupied by the Darwin Biosphere Reserve of interest not only to zoologists and botanists.

The historical value of the region is described in the volumes of the annals. The name of the administrative center was given by none other than the prince of Rostov Yaroslav Vladimirovich, nicknamed Yaroslav the Wise. And it was not later than 1010 year. Orthodox churches, cathedrals and monasteries constitute an exquisite wreath framing the crown entrusted territories. The Transfiguration Cathedral, built at the beginning of the 16 century on the foundation of the 13 century, is the oldest building in the city. The Church of St. John the Baptist is a unique Old Russian fifteen-domed church, the only one of its kind and recommended by UNESCO for visiting tourists. Many more church buildings in the region are worthy of attention due to architecture and rich interior decoration.

Different kinds of folk crafts will be awarded souvenirs for all occasions. A developed tourist destination brings revenue to the city, and the administration maintains the status, directing funds for the development of the region. For everyone here there is a place to spend a vacation or a weekend.

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