Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Vladimir region

Coat of Arms of Vladimir Region

In the central part of Russia is the Vladimir region. It is formed in 1944 year. Vladimir is the capital of this region. It consists of 16 districts and 22 cities. It occupies 29 084 km² of territory and is located at 70 in Russia in size.

The total number of people inhabited by the Vladimir region is 1 542,9 thousand, of which 79,7% of city residents. Basically, all residents of Russian nationality, 5,3% are - Ukrainians, Tatars, Belarusians, etc.

Relief and minerals

The relief is flat with insignificant depressions in different parts of the region. Minerals are - peat, limestone rocks, quartz sands (which are widely used in the manufacture of crystal and glass), metallurgical dolomite. There are insignificant stocks of iron ore, phosphorites, gypsum and other.

Sources with mineral waters are found on the Vladimir territory.

Natural Features

Moderately continental climate prevails in this part of the country. In winter the temperature is below zero, in summer it is hot. The precipitation of a large amount of precipitation occurs in the summer, in the winter it snows, the thickness of the cover can reach 55cm.

The total length of the rivers on the territory of the Vladimir region is 8,6 thousand km, and the lakes are about 300. Lakes are small and not deep. Many of them are not supplied, therefore, after a certain period of time they are overgrown with peat layer.

The animal world is rich and very diverse. Mammals counted more than 50 species, reptiles of 5 species, 10 amphibians. Birds are 216 species, and in reservoirs and rivers more than 40 species of fish swim.

Of the forests, forests dominate here, 50% of which are coniferous forests, 35% small-leaved forests and 9% broad-leaved forests. Many plants growing in this area are listed in the Red Book.

Development of industries

As in other areas of the country, and in the Vladimir region, the metal-processing and machine-building industry is predominant. Also well developed: the textile industry, glass, art, chemical, energy.

Folk festival, traditions and features of the Vladimir region

People's holidays in the Vladimir region are very interesting. By tradition in the beginning of spring they arrange "Goose fights". Many people come to see this event, they also conduct round-dancing, sing songs, participate in contests. Celebrate and such holidays: "Holiday of the Cucumber", "Mermaid Week" and many others.

Here is the "Song Museum", in which old gramophone and gramophone are collected.

Landscape design fiction is a feature of the Vladimir lands. Tourists must visit the Meschera National Park to admire all the beauty of nature, its tranquility and tranquility.

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