Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Tula region

Coat of arms of Tula region

From the Russian capital to the center of the Tula region only 185 km of the way. But the difference between these two cities and regions is colossal. Of course, some people prefer the modern megalopolis, but also the Tula region is rich in interesting places and events, and it is worth mentioning this capital of samovars, gingerbread and weapon affairs in the list of places that must be visited.

Where to go and what to see

Of course, we can not help remembering the Tolstoy clear clearing, where Lev Nikolaevich wrote his main works "Anna Karenina" and War and Peace. " Not far from this almost sacred place is the no less significant and symbolic for Russian history Kulikovo field, where in 14 century the legendary battle with Mamai took place, which initiated the liberation of the Russian lands from the Mongol yoke. You can see the reconstruction of this battle every year 8 September.

For those who do not like Russian classics and military history in the Tula region, a nettle festival is held, in a city with the appropriate name Krapivna. It would seem that the event is for an amateur, but only here you can taste the famous pastille and a myriad of other unique dishes from the nettle. Then you can become a regular at the festival.

Another interesting location of the region is the ancient town of Belyov, in the district of which there are three monasteries and a village in which Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky was born. No less interesting is the city of Bogoroditsk with its famous palace and park ensemble of the 17 century and Guryev quarries.

In the Tula region, you can not only come into contact with history, but also improve. Not far from the city of Suvorov is situated the balneograss resort Krainka, founded in the first half of the 19 century.

Of course, you can not return from the Tula region without the notorious souvenirs. Perhaps they will not surprise anyone with originality, but I'll make sure - for sure. Gingerbread and samovars of various configurations are sold here not only in their natural form, but also in the form of all kinds of souvenir items - magnets, trinkets, figurines and prints on T-shirts. In the range of local souvenir shops there are also lovely products made of birch bark and whistles. From the Kulikovo Field, you can bring a lot of pretty fakes for antiquity, copying real archaeological finds. And if you get to the Krainka, do not forget to stock up on the local medicinal mineral water.

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