Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Kalmykia

Coat of arms of the Republic of Kalmykia

Kalmykia is the most beautiful region in the European part of Russia, in the southeast. This region is larger in size than the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium. This land of ancient nomads is rich in beautiful and interesting places.

History of the region

In this steppe region there was a great empire of nomads - Dzungaria - and passed the Great Silk Road. At the beginning of the 18th century, the Dzungarian Khanate became dependent on Russia. 1943 year is a sad date in the history of the Kalmyks - their deportation to Siberia. In 1958, after the rehabilitation of the long-suffering people, the restoration of the Kalmyk ASSR takes place, in 1992 it becomes the Republic of Kalmykia.


The capital is Elista. The city district is a territorial administrative unit. The population at the beginning of 2016 year is 278733 people. The density of population is not very large - 3,37 people / km². The ethnic majority is Kalmyks (57%), Russians - 33%, the rest 10% are residents of the southern republics.

Culture and religion

"Dzhangar" - the epic about the mighty heroes and their exploits - is the pearl of local folklore. In Elista, there are many monuments that are dedicated to the heroes of this work, as well as sculptural images.

Buddhism enriched the Kalmyk culture with the enchanting light of philosophy and art. Monuments of Buddhist culture include:

· The famous Golden Gate. Tradition says that the person passing through them is spiritually purified and becomes on the right path;

· The architectural structure "The Golden Monastery of the Buddha" is larger in size than the European Buddhist temples;

· The picturesque Pagoda of the Seven Days adorns the central square of the capital. Each tier corresponds to the day of the week.

Thus, pagan beliefs are closely intertwined with Buddhism. In the republic there are also cultural centers of other peoples.

Natural Features

Sukhovei is one of the natural features of Kalmykia. Rains are rare, in summer, dry and hot days prevail, in winter - frosty and little snow. The main landscape is semi-deserts, deserts, dry steppes. There are practically no forests, so most of the flora is represented by steppe and desert plants: tulips, cornflowers, camel thorn, feather grass, wormwood.

The reserve "Black Lands" is a territory where hare-hares, corsacs, ground squirrels, marmots, jerboas are under protection. The picturesque Lake Bolshoy Manych is the second part of the reserve. It protects pelicans, swans, gray geese, cranes, gulls, swallows and other animals. There are reservoirs in the republic, as well as the rivers: East and West Manych, Dzhurak-Sal, Egorlyk, Kara-Sal, Kuma and Manych.


Kalmykia has a huge tourist potential, formed from the historical and cultural heritage of the Kalmyks, the natural heritage and the national traditions of the republic. Here, sanatorium rest is rapidly developing - this is facilitated by mineral medicinal and table drinking water. Very popular trips to fragrant lotus fields, which bring peace and tranquility.

Elista is the central element of any excursion program. One of the innovative achievements of the capital is the City of Chess, which has the second official name - New Vasyuki. Champions competitions are held here, international forums, commercial exhibitions and fairs are held.

The bright life of Kalmykia is striking with its versatility and dynamism. If you once visit this amazing and mysterious place, you will undoubtedly want to return here to gain new vivid impressions.

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