Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Udmurtia

Coat of arms of Udmurtia

The Udmurt Republic is a mineral deposit

The Udmurt Republic is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, which acquired its status in the 1991 year, although it was learned about Udmurtia after the October Revolution. The Udmurt Republic has its own Constitution, Parliament, President and Prosecutor's Office.

Creativity of the Udmurt people.

The people of Udmurtia have existed for a very long time, from ancient times to now, from generation to generation, they pass on their folk folklore, for example, songs, dances (round dances), legends, fairy tales, poems. The Udmurt people always went "in step with the times", music, fine arts, ballet, theatrical art, amateur art, circus, television, radio broadcasting and science developed here.

Many famous poets, writers, playwrights, satirists, artists, sculptors have come from Udmurtia - they are very creative people. Architectural art developed rapidly, at first the style of the Vyatka Baroque was often used, then they switched to Russian classicism, and now most of the buildings are in the Art Nouveau style.

Udmurt people are very superstitious, it is normal for them to turn to fortunetellers, shamans, priests on a daily basis. Many diseases are treated with folk remedies (herbs, tinctures) and prayers of priests.

Industry of the Udmurt Republic.

The climate here is continental, with cold winters and hot summers. This land is rich in minerals. Oil production here occupies a large part of industry, many residents work in oil enterprises, which brings them considerable earnings. Peat, coal and other minerals are also mined here.

On the territory of the Udmurt Republic, there are two large rivers - Vyatka and Kama. Therefore, there is developed fishing tourism, as well as health tourism.

Also attracted by the famous Udmurt Zoo, where tourists come from all over Russia. Such an amount of walruses, white tigers, bears you have never seen. It is very modern and well equipped, lots of cafes, parking, entertainment - will not let you get bored.

If you are fond of architecture, then you should see St. Michael's Cathedral: majestic outside and chic inside - it will not leave anyone indifferent. And in the evening - the architects made a special highlight and the cathedral looks like in a fairy tale, everything is beautifully illuminated and shines with colored lights.

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