Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Mordovia

Emblem of the Republic of Mordovia

The Republic of Mordovia is located almost in the heart of the European part of Russia. Its capital is the city of Saransk. It is very beautiful, and it is noteworthy that for several years now Saransk has been one of the first places in terms of the degree of prosperity among Russian cities.

The second largest and most populated city of Mordovia is Ruzaevka. This is one of the largest railway junctions in Russia. It so happened that he is at the crossroads of the main European roads of our country.

The main population of the republic are Russians, Mordva (Moksha, Erzya, Shoksha) Tatars, etc. At present, a lot of attention is paid to preserving the national color. This manifests itself in everyday life, in clothes, in the preparation of dishes according to the old recipes of Mordvin cuisine. Great importance is attached to the design of Mordovian costumes, which are worn for great holidays, for concerts, for the meeting of eminent guests.

Many compatriots do not know how many interesting sights are in Mordovia. Briefly about them is difficult to tell. All those who wish to visit this republic will meet a beautiful and spacious railway station in Saransk, rebuilt in the last 5 years. The airport, ranked internationally, also underwent many changes. Now even the heaviest aircraft can land here. All highways in the republic are of high quality.

In many respects the prosperity of the republic in recent years can be attributed to the preparation for the World Cup in 2018. But, not yet assuming participation in the upcoming championship, life in Mordovia changed for the better. In Saransk, the majestic temple of Fedor Ushakov was built, the parks were improved - Proletarskiy and him. Pushkin, new buildings of the University were built. Ogareva. By the way, in the republic 9 higher education institutions. Mordovia University is one of the oldest in the country, more than 20 thousand students are studying at the same time, among which there are many foreign citizens.

Saransk is the cultural center of Mordovia. Here there are 3 theaters, several large cinema centers, museums, the most famous of which is the museum of Mordvin sculptor Erzi.

In one of the oldest cities of the Republic of Temnikov, on the banks of the fast Moksha River, one of the oldest monasteries - Sanaxar. This is one of the places of pilgrimage of tourists. On the territory of the monastery is the grave of the famous admiral Fyodor Ushakov. Directly to the city adjoins a huge forest area - the reserve them. Smidovich. Here you can meet rare species of animals, birds and plants that are listed in the Red Book and are protected by the state.

In Bolshebereznikovsky district of the republic there is a full-flowing river Sura, and in parallel to it stretched a long lake Enerka - the old riverbed of this river. Beautiful places in the area attract many tourists. On the banks of Inerka and Sura there are sanatoriums, recreation centers and children's camps.

You can tell a lot about interesting places in Mordovia. But it's best to see them with your own eyes. Moreover, the people in the republic are extremely friendly, hospitable, positive. So welcome to visit! Shumbrat!

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