Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Sverdlovsk region

The coat of arms of the Sverdlovsk Region

The Sverdlovsk Region is located in the Urals Federal District with an administrative center in Yekaterinburg. This center was founded in 1723 year, with the construction of a state-owned metal smelting plant on the Iseti River. Sverdlovsk region was established in 1934 year.

The region extends from the northern part of the Ural Mountains and captures the middle, and from the southeast side lies the West Siberian Plain. Konjakovsky stone is the highest point of the region, its height is 1569 m. The rivers of the western territory, Chusovaya and Ufa, belong to the Kama basin, and Tura, Iset and others - to the basin of the Ob. There are large lakes, Tavatui, Isetskoe. Most of the rivers built dams, the energy of the falling water previously worked factories. Huge areas are occupied by coniferous and mixed forests, in the north of the region logging is conducted.

According to the population, the Sverdlovsk Region occupies 5 place in the Russian Federation, its number in 2009 was 4394,6 thousand people, and this figure is decreasing year by year. The national composition is dominated by Russians, in second place - Tatars, then Ukrainians, Bashkirs and Germans go further down.

Minerals are extracted from gold and platinum, silver and bauxite, as well as asbestos, iron, copper, chromium, nickel and manganese. The mining industry, concentrating combines, metallurgy, not only black, but also color, and metal working are well developed. Uranium is enriched at the regime enterprises.

Sverdlovsk Oblast makes a huge contribution to the country's economy, the Sinarsky Pipe Plant in Kamensk-Uralsky produces large diameter pipes used in the construction of gas pipelines. In Severouralsk, bauxite is mined and aluminum is smelted, vanadium ore is enriched at Kachkanarsky GOK, Kushva is mined with iron ore and pig iron is smelted, and in Krasnouralsk, the copper smelter produces products.

Uralmash produces machines for heavy engineering, Uralvagonzavod makes wagons for the national economy, but the main products of this enterprise are armored vehicles for the needs of the military-industrial complex. Many enterprises produce ammunition.

Sverdlovsk region is a major transport hub of the country, almost all transit trains to the East pass through Yekaterinburg, there is Koltsovo airport.

Here there is the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in many cities of the region there are institutes of various profiles.

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