Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Rostov region

Coat of Arms of Rostov Region

The Rostov region is the territory of the Cossack freemen. These places rich in black earth brought up courageous people, famous for their great exploits in wartime, and diligence on peaceful days. Historically, the Don region refers to the places where the Don Army reigned.

The Rostov region is located in the southern part of the Russian Federation, in the area where the main river of the Cossack region - Don's falls into the Azov Sea. The center of the region that makes up the Southern Federal District is the city of Rostov-on-Don. The western part of the region borders on the territory of Ukraine. There are very few large forests and large lakes on the territory, most of which is covered by plains and steppes. Here are the largest reservoirs in the country - Tsimlyanskoye, Veselovskoye and Proletarskoye. Minerals are not rich in the region, the most common deposits of coal, which is of high quality.

For the Don region is characterized by a temperate continental climate. The main river is the Don with the largest tributaries - Seversky Donets, Manych, etc.

Maple, ash, elm, aspen and oak are the main species of trees that grow on the territory of the Rostov Region. Soils are the most important wealth of the region. At 65% of the territory, black soil is widespread, the thickness of which can reach 1,5 meters. Chestnut and clay-chestnut soils are characteristic of the eastern regions. In some places it is possible to meet and solonetzes.

Steppe ferret, fox, ground squirrels, saigas, jerboas and hamsters are typical animal representatives of this region. Eagles, cranes, kestrels, ptarmigan, bustard, quail and larks live here. The reservoirs are rich in a variety of fish species, including perch, pike, Don herring, ram and many sturgeon species.

The territory of the Rostov region began to be actively populated as early as the time of Ivan the Third, when peasants fled from the power of the landlords to the Don lands in order to acquire the long-awaited freedom. They replenished the ranks of the Cossacks, famous for their irresistible might, capable of eliminating every enemy who encroached on their territory. To date, the population of the Don region is about 4,3 million people.

Rich in natural beauty, the region became popular due to the literary creativity of the writer, Nobel laureate - MA. Sholokhov, whose homeland is the Don land.

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