Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Bashkortostan

State Emblem of the Republic of Bashkotostan

The Republic of Bashkortostan - a brilliant millennial cut

The Republic of Bashkortostan Volga Federal District. The first in terms of the number of residents in the republics of the Russian Federation, 30% of whom live in the capital of the republic - Ufa and the surrounding district. Multinationality is the basis of the character of Bashkiria, 160 of different nationalities in a small territory have historically become related and have learned to live together. A third of the population classifies themselves as Russian nationalities, one quarter of Bashkirs and Tatars, as well as small groups of Chuvashes and Mari. The wealth of the region is associated with oil and gas. Therefore, contrary to the all-Russian trend in this region, since the beginning of the two-thousandth, the natural growth of the population is constantly increasing. In this republic the state language is Bashkir, which is used on a par with Russian. The State Assembly of the Republic bears the name Kurultay.

Tourism and rest in the region

location Bashkortostan On the western slopes South Urals and Ural Determines the tourist orientation. Highest point - Yamantau - the third highest peak of the Ural range. Numerous peaks, ridges, gorges and caves have their own authentic legends directly connected with local beliefs and eventful history. The delights of rivers and lakes will be appreciated by lovers of water recreation, and mad beauty waterfalls enchant all without exception. In these parts they will find their routes Climbers и Speleologists, Rafters On kayaks and kayaks, Divers, fishermenAnd Amateurs Fashionable now hobbies Firewatching (Bird watching in the natural habitat).

Places that once visited Zoroaster (or Zarathushtra) are impregnated with centuries of knowledge. Akhun's menhirs Attract the lovers of the unusual from around the world, but are not at all appreciated by the locals. Therefore, we recommend visiting megaliths, which are now supported by a small group of enthusiasts. On the way, wrap it to the healing springs and type in the pockets of gems - agate and jasper.

Touch the story

The cultural program will be filled Ufa And neighborhood. The beginning of the history of the city was laid even in the Paleolithic times, after passing through the ages, the pearls of events formed in the most beautiful necklace, which is worthy to try on the most sophisticated tourist. Historical museums of the city contain in their storehouses the rarest exhibits of a thousand years of age. Palaces, churches и Mosques Will drive through the map of history from century to century. fortress And the defensive structures survived more than one invasion. The houses of the pre-revolutionary building and the building of the deputy noble assembly were perfectly preserved, and the architecture of the Soviet period is not inferior to the sophistication of Moscow itself.

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