Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Republic of North Ossetia

Coat of arms Republic of North Ossetia

The Republic of North Ossetia was founded by 7.07.1924. It is part of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. The area of ​​the area is 8000 km.kv. Population - about 706000 people The capital of Alanya is Vladikavkaz with a population of 312000 people. To Moscow from the city - 1509 km. Time zone completely coincides with Moscow time.


The republic is located on the slope of the Greater Caucasus - it's on the north side. The mountains occupy slightly less than half the territory of the region, the rest - lowlands, plains. From the north lies the Stavropol plain, from the south - the Dividing ridge, in the center - the Ossetian inclined plain.


The republic is inhabited by Ossetians, Russians, Ingush, Armenians, Kumyks and representatives of other peoples. 57% professes Orthodoxy, 22% bow to the natural forces of nature, 8% does not class itself with specific religious denominations, 4% consider themselves atheists.


The region is rich in water resources. Along the land of North Ossetia there are practically 70 rivers, most of which are located in the basin as a base - the Terek River. Researchers divide the rivers of the region into foothills / mountains. The latter have origins in the mountains. As a rule, they feed on glaciers. At the same time, the first ones replenish their own reserves due to groundwater and natural precipitation.

Rivers for the Republic are of economic importance, since they act as a source of energy for various small / medium-sized hydropower plants. It is worth saying that many power plants are located on the rivers Giseldon, Fiagdon, Ursdon, Ardon, etc. Also on some rivers construction of new hydroelectric power stations is carried out.


Most of the Ossetians are Orthodox. Everything that has ever been said about Caucasian hospitality is true. Tourists traveling on a trip to the Republic may not take tents with them, as they will be fed and heated in any mountain village. Nevertheless, some Ossetians treat the mixed marriages rather badly, but such people are rare.

The unemployment rate is low only in Vladikavkaz, the capital of the Republic. In other cities, local residents with work experience problems. Tourist destinations in the region are not established.


Some local customs seem to Russian people a real savagery, but most often they are written off specifically for local flavor. For example, weddings in the Republic are simply unique. Each of them is accompanied by shooting in the air and a noisy escort.

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