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Coat of arms of Perm region

Permsky Krai is a relatively young entity, formed as part of Russia only in 2005. Then, as a result of the referendum, the Perm Region and the Permian Komi Autonomous Okrug were merged. The capital of the region is the city of Perm.

The Perm region is noteworthy in many respects. But the main thing that he can be proud of is the amazing nature and developed industrial complex, the basis of which is oil production. The combination is rather strange, but the region somehow manages to maintain a balance. The reason for the fact that there are many untouched corners here is largely due to the underdeveloped infrastructure. On the one hand, this ensures the preservation of natural wealth, on the other, does not allow the full realization of the region's economic potential.

From the center to the outskirts

The city of Perm, although it is the center of the industrial region, but it managed to retain a considerable share of the charm of the old provincial city, because the history of the city is almost 400 years. I am reminded of this by the numerous estates of merchants and industrialists, which must be examined when traveling.

But the main architectural and historical heritage of the city is the Rotunda in Gorky Park, erected in 1824 by the time of the arrival of Emperor Alexander I.

Of course, this is not all that the city has to offer to lovers of historical and cultural attractions. But nothing exceptional, because of what it is worth to stay for a long time in the capital of the region - no. It is worth to come here to rest before a more intense journey to other interesting places of the region.

Only in 80 km from Perm there is the famous Kungur cave with the length of slightly less than 6-km. Here you can see the unique underground grottoes and unearthly beauty of the lake. Of course, you can not go through all the caves to a simple tourist, but a sightseeing tour is enough to get a lot of impressions.

A little further, in 176 km from the center of the region the village of Gremyachinsk is located, and despite its modest status, it offers a lot of interesting to curious travelers. The main attraction of the village is "Kamenny Gorod". This unique natural phenomenon has its name because of the huge accumulation of quartz sandstone quartans, which resemble abandoned houses in aggregate forming the whole city. In addition, Gremyachinsk is known for the Basseghi Nature Reserve, the tract of Dry Log, Pervomaiskaya and Dynamite Caves.

Interesting places and adventures can be found in almost all towns of the Perm region. Particularly pleased that all the attractions are located a few hours drive from the administrative center, so studying this region is not only interesting, but also convenient.



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