Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Penza region

Coat of arms of the Penza region

The Penza region is located in the center and in the west of the Volga Upland of the Russian Plain. On the territory of the region there are three natural zones - steppe, forest-steppe and forest. The region borders with the Republic of Mordovia and with the Tambov, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Ryazan regions. More than 3 thousand rivers constitute the water expanses of the region. The largest arteries of Moksha and Sura flow into the Volga, Crow and Hoper - to the Don.

On the territory of the Penza region there is a state reserve "Privolzhskaya forest-steppe", containing the powerful black-earth soils and steppe vegetation unique for the forest-steppe, which has not been preserved anywhere else in Europe. The rare species of animals and plants are listed in the Red Book. Natural forests occupy slightly less than 20% of the area of ​​the region and are used not for industrial purposes, but for the performance of water protection, recreational and soil protection functions.

Population and originality of the province

The largest cities are Penza, Zarechny and Kuznetsk. A little less than 70% of residents live in urban areas and slightly more than 30% in rural areas. The Penza region is overwhelmingly populated by Russians, some of the residents are Tatars and Mordvins, and other nations are represented in small numbers. Each nationality has its own traditions and customs, and the Government of the region makes every effort to preserve the cultural heritage and native language and strengthen friendship among nations.

Tourists in the Penza region are attracted by:

·        Tarkhany is a museum-reserve, located in the built on the border XVIII - XIX Centuries of the estate, in which M. Lermontov's childhood passed;

·        "Chistye Prudy" holiday complex, located not far from the village of Ramzai, with the "Legenda" sculpture park, in which sculptural symposia are held annually at the international level; Masters from all over the world create their creations from wood, marble, bronze, granite and metal.

On the territory of the region are mainly such minerals as raw materials for the construction industry: clay, limestone, sand, gypsum, phosphorites. Also, three oil fields and peat deposits were explored. Enterprises of the region produce medicines, paper, confectionery and bakery products, equipment used in various industries. Agriculture is represented by poultry farming, plant growing and dairy cattle breeding.

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