Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Orel region

Coat of Arms of Oryol Region

Indescribable beauty places are located in the western part of Russia. One of them - the Orel region, a region whose lands were being destroyed, destroyed and restored. The territory of this locality was formed for several centuries before finally turning into that beautiful Orel region, which we observe today.

Magnificent rivers flow through the lands of the Oryol region - Oka, Volga, Don, Dnepr and many of their tributaries. As everyone knows, this is one of the largest and finest rivers. In addition to these, the Lubna, Sosna, Nerussa, Svapa, Navlia and other rivers are also flowing through the territory of this region, no less interesting and beautiful.

And how much splendor can be seen in the Shatilovsky forest! Mighty trees, spacious meadows, lined with chic floral carpets, beautiful streams and this fresh clear air, breathing in that, you will feel freedom of spirit and you will have a desire to stay in this wonderful place for a long time.

True miracles are performed by the Holy Well near the village of Karandakovo. Although it is a remote place, do not regret the forces and time to visit this amazing mysterious place. Ask the locals, they will tell you incredible stories related to the well. Believe me, it is best to listen to similar stories from the mouth of eyewitnesses.

How beautiful is the source of the Oka River! Be sure to visit this place, please enjoy your eyes with this magnificent landscape. Green bushes, old spruce, murmured greenish water surface, beating about coastal stones and reflecting all this beauty.

Orel - a well of various interesting memorials. Only the Memorial of the 400 anniversary of the founding of the Eagle is worth it! A snow-white stela, directed towards the sky, surrounded by a lawn drowning in its green. And all this splendor is set in the center of the reservoir, which, in turn, adds a special charm to this incredibly beautiful landscape. In addition to this memorial, be sure to inspect the Memorial to Russian soldiers near the village of Sudbischi, Krivtsovsky Memorial, the Military Memorial, paying tribute to the heroes who died during the bloody battle.

Arriving in the Orel region, do not forget to visit the magnificent Saburovsky fortress, the beautiful estate of the Moldovan sovereign Kantemir, majestic holy places, including the Tomb of A. Fet, the Church of the Savior's Transfiguration, the Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God, the Trinity Church of the Assumption Monastery of St. Svyato -Vvedensky women's monastery and many others.

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