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Omsk Region

Coat of Arms of Omsk Region

Modestly located in the southwestern part of Siberia, the Omsk region is not very popular among tourists. Very in vain! After all, in fact, this region is quite rich in various interesting places, but, unfortunately, this is not known to every one of us. I will tell you what can attract the attention of the Omsk region.

This region pleases the eye with an abundance of beautiful lakes, among which are Saltaim, Ik, Tenis, Ulzhay, Ebeyty, Tobol-Kushly. The Omsk region is full of mysteries, one of which is the Five Lakes. This complex, in addition to the really existing lakes (Shaitan Lake, Danilovo Lake, Urman Lake, Line Lake) includes also the fictitious - the Lurking Lake. There are rumors among local residents that a person bathing in this lake will be healed of absolutely any disease.

The region is rich in picturesque rivers, among which Irtysh, Tara, Osh, Ishim, Om. By the way, local residents say that in the vicinity of Okunevo village, on the bank of the Tara River, a real mysticism takes place. It is believed that this is an ancient place where ancestors performed various cultic acts. Quite often people observe flying fireballs or black balls, colored lightnings, white rectangles and even UFOs with luminous rays. Intrigued, is not it?

Being in Omsk, you simply have to visit, which has preserved many examples of architecture of the XIII century. Do not pass by the Holy Dormition Cathedral, in the foundation of which laid the first stone itself, Nicholas II. The most interesting traditions of the ancient times of this region will be told in detail by the Historical and Local History Museum, the Historical and Cultural Complex called "Starina Sibirskaya" and the reserve museum "Moscow-Siberian Route". Walking in the streets of Omsk, you can see a lot of old wooden buildings, because this is one of the few cities where such structures were preserved intact. They warm the soul and delight the eye with the simple-minded monument to "The Stepan Stepanovich" and the statue of "Lyuba", intricate sculptures "Dynamic balance or scales of life" and "Miracle fish of the whale".

Attract your attention a lot of archaeological monuments of the Omsk region, the most famous of which can be called the natural boundary Batakovo. It was here that a huge number of antiquities and even the Stone Age were found! And in the tract of Dravert, scientists unearthed an ancient man's parking lot.

Full of beautiful places, ancient buildings, inexplicable mysteries Omsk region will leave in the soul of every tourist an unexpectedly pleasant impression, thanks to which he will want to return to these places again and again.

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