Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Novgorod region

Coat of Arms of Novgorod Region

About the Novgorod region, led by Veliky Novgorod, epic epics were composed, cheerful songs were sung, mysterious legends were invented. After all, this region was the homeland of the most famous Sadko, who not by his own will got to the seabed in the kingdom of the Sea King and his daughter - the Tsarina Volkhov.

Since ancient times Novgorod the Great was famous for its trade. Numerous fairs were organized here, various markets, entertainment programs were organized. Early in the morning merchants came here from everywhere, in order to have time to buy something for themselves that none of the familiar circles would have.

В XII Century began to erect the foundation of the famous landmark of the Novgorod region - the Novgorod Kremlin, the oldest Kremlin of all existing in Russia at the moment. To enjoy the view of this structure and imbue with the atmosphere of antiquity, tourists from all over the world come to this region. The park of the Novgorod Kremlin is incredibly beautiful, pleasing with the freshness of its fountains, the green of tall trees and lawns.

Also in Veliky Novgorod in the XII century was built an excellent St. Sophia Cathedral, which to this day is a kind of symbol of the ancient Russian mighty city.

In Valdai there is a beautiful national park. This is the place most of all the Novgorod region is proud of. Still would! The majestic Russian forests, the extraordinary beauty of the flower fields, drowning in greenery, and the huge number of lakes so clean that after looking, you will see through the water every pebble, every underwater blade of grass. And on the Selvitsky Island you can admire the greatness of the Monastery of Izver.

Here, in the Valdai area, there is a beautiful Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which attracts a huge number of tourists, and Old Russ invites you to enjoy the Resurrection Cathedral, executed in a purely Russian spirit.

The most interesting natural and architectural reserve of Vitosławice, which has located on its territory a lot of small wooden churches, dating XVII Century.

A lot of beautiful rivers and lakes are in the Novgorod region, the most beautiful of which is the Valdai lake.

Always glad to long-awaited guests is the old Dostoevsky House-Museum, located in Staraya Russa, and the most interesting Faceted Chamber, dated XV Century, pleases the eye with wonderful examples of ancient jewelry and applied art.

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