Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Moscow region

Coat of arms of Moscow Region

The Moscow region is a constituent entity of the Russian Federation that is part of the central federal district. He also has an unofficial name - Moscow suburbs. Administratively, within the region, 29 districts are allocated. The city, by whose name the entity received its name and which, in fact, is its administrative center - Moscow - does not belong to it, but is considered an independent entity.

Geographically, the region is located in the heart of the East European Plain. On it stretch such rivers as Oka, Klyazma, Volga, Moscow. The terrain here is mostly flat, straight, without much prominent hills. The climate is temperate-continental, with cold winters (- 20-25 degrees Celsius) and warm summers (about 20-22 degrees).

In the suburbs includes 73 cities. The most famous of them are Kolomna, Sergiev Posad, Dmitrov, Istra, Zvenigorod, Khimki, Lyubertsy, Zelenograd, Mytishchi, Shatura, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Serpukhov. Just over seven million people live in the Moscow region. By nationality, this is mainly Russian and Ukrainian. The third place is occupied by the Tatars. Also here you can meet, Uzbeks, Moldovans, Tajiks, Armenians and Azerbaijanis.

There are also curious places worth visiting, and interesting things to see. These are the most beautiful natural landscapes, entertaining museums, historical monuments and cities, fascinating with the sophistication of architecture. Here are a few examples.

· Not far from Shatura, seven kilometers from the village of Severnaya Griva, there is an abandoned church. Those who saw it describe graceful frescoes and stunning relief patterns. But getting to the place is not so easy. The structure is located in the depths of the forest, securely hidden from prying eyes by mighty trees. Only the most attentive traveler can find a way here.

· At 79 kilometer along the Gorkovsky Highway, near the village of Lyapino, you can see a real waterfall, though small. And the river Vondiga, which forms it, flows here with a rough, almost mountain stream, which is absolutely not typical for calm and majestic ponds of the Moscow region.

· Near the Serpukhov is located Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, partially open to visit. It is known for the fact that it bred huge bisons. In the wild, these ungulates are no longer encountered, although the reserve staff are just working to fix it. By the way, along with an excursion to Prioksko-Terrasny, it is worth to visit an ostrich farm located nearby.

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