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Mari El Republic

Coat of arms of the Republic of Mari El

The Republic of Mari El is very attractive for tourists, both the capital and the wonderful nature. The name is translated from the Mari language, as the Mari region. The indigenous inhabitants of the Republic are Mari. Mari-El was annexed to Russia during the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Most indigenous people still do not accept any world religion, but remain pagans.

The capital of the Mari Region is the city of Yoshkar-Ola. It was founded in 16-th century as a military fortress. And its original name was Tsarevokokshaisk. The city remained a military until the 18-th century, although it was settled by farmers. And after the 18-th century in the city began to open industrial enterprises. Also at this time, organized the Alexandro-Elizabethan fair, due to which the city became a merchant center. Until now, in Ioshkar-Ola there is the Market Square, which is the historical center of the city.

The capital of this Republic has many attractions. For example, the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum named after TV Evseev. The city has preserved ancient architectural structures, which give it a special flavor. These buildings include the Ascension Church, built in the 18th century, and the House of Soviets, which dates from the beginning of the 20th century. Outside the city is the Sheremetyevs' estate, which must be seen. It looks like a fairytale castle.

Of course, nature gives wonderful beauty to the Mari region. There are many dense and high forests here, as well as the lakes with which Mari El is famous. The deepest lake in the Republic is the Spot. Its depth reaches 56-meters. Another lake was formed in the failure of the earth's crust, it is called the Sea Eye. If you look at this lake from a height, then in form it looks like an eye, and the fir trees that grow around resemble eyelashes. Also very famous is Tabashinskoe lake. Its depth reaches 55-meters, and the water in the lake is considered curative, as it is rich in minerals. In Tabashinsky lake there are many different kinds of fish, including pike, crucian carp and bream. At the end of the 20-th century the lake was recognized as a monument of nature.

Mariy-El is a very beautiful land, and it should be noted that the residents are trying to maintain traditions, preserve their culture. They speak their native language, on holidays you can hear traditional music and see the mari dressed in national costumes. The beauty of this region is worth it to visit it at least once!

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