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Lipetsk region

Coat of arms of the Lipetsk region

The Lipetsk region is one of the oldest regions, which originates from the late Paleolithic. Now this is a very modern area, which has production and scientific and technical potential. The Lipetsk region is among the ten most dynamically developing and attractive regions for investment in Russia.

Geographical location

The Lipetsk region is located in the heart of the Eastern European part of Russia. It is located in the basin of the upper reaches of the Don River, which explains the abundance of rivers in this area. In total there are more than 125 rivers and 200 springs. The largest rivers are the Don and Voronezh, which have two tributaries (Pine, Beautiful Sword and Stanovoi Ryas). Borders with 6 areas: Tambov, Voronezh, Kursk, Ryazan, Orel and Tula. The total area of ​​the region is 24047 km2.

Administrative device

The regional center is the city of Lipetsk, in which all representative bodies of state power are located. Lipetsk region is divided into 18 municipal districts, each of which includes itself according to 10-15 village councils. The largest cities, not counting the Lipetsk itself, are Yelets, Gryazi and Lebedyan. They are the main industrial and construction complexes.

It is worth noting that the regional centers of Lipetsk and Yelets are modern cities, in which very favorable conditions for a comfortable life.


The demographic feature of the Lipetsk region is that the main population growth is not formed at the expense of the indigenous people, but on the contrary - immigrants who come here from the 2000-s. The total number of people in the region is approximately 1 156 100 (Rosstat data for the current year). Of these, more than 95% are Russians, 1% of Ukrainians, 0.7% of Armenians and 2% are other nationalities.

Climatic features

The Lipetsk region is located in a temperate climatic zone, which means that there is moderately cold winter and warm summer. However, over the last 5 years, some changes have taken place, and the climate has become sharply continental. So, for example, last summer the temperature reached record values, rising to + 35° C, and dropped to -30 ° C in winter.

Natural resources

The main value of the region is the soil rich in chernozem. Thanks to this, the agricultural industry is very developed here. Mostly, they grow grains, potatoes and sugar beets (from which sugar is then extracted). Fruit gardens occupy more than 20% of the territory, the region is one of the leaders in the cultivation of apples and pears.

Economic indicators

The main economic power is industrial production here. This region is considered one of the largest producers of various products: for example, almost half of all household refrigerators produced in Russia are manufactured here. In addition, in the field of ferrous metallurgy: steel and other types of building materials are produced. Thanks to the work of more than 200 industrial enterprises with diversified forms, the Lipetsk region occupies leading positions in many respects - the amount of sugar produced reaches up to 10% of the total Russian volume, and fruit and vegetable cans - up to 30%.

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