Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Leningrad Region

Coat of arms of the Leningrad Region

The Leningrad Region is an incredible beauty of nature with beautiful green meadows, rivers and forests, leaving in the soul of every tourist a purely Russian aftertaste. A lot of well-known and not so populated points - Peter, Lomonosov, Gatchina, Vyborg, Svetogorsk and others - have become a haven for various nationalities. Walking around the outskirts of the cities of this region, in addition to Russians, you can easily meet Belarusians, Tatars, Jews, Uzbeks, Azerbaijanis, Finns and many other nationalities.

The region is rich in large rivers, including the Neva, Vuoksa, Svir, Volkhov and others. It also boasts a large number of lakes, among which are Ladoga and Onega.

The Leningrad region is replete with a variety of architectural masterpieces that were part of the estate of empresses and emperors, and have become today historical museums that literally anyone can visit. Among them is the Grand Gatchina Palace, the Grand Cascade in Peterhof, Vyborg Castle, the city of Lomonosov, which is the only palace and park ensemble that has survived to our day in its original form, and much more. In addition to all these magnificent historical monuments, undoubtedly one should visit the Veps forest - the most picturesque corner of the Leningrad region, which preserved the traditions of the ancient Veps.

And, of course, it is worth mentioning the hero city of Leningrad, now proudly named St. Petersburg. I do not know how you are, dear reader, but my heart is compressed at the mere mention of the city, because immediately a violent picture of the blockade emerges during the Great Patriotic War. Past this bloody event is difficult to pass by. How accurately and terribly painted this picture is in the music of the Leningrad Symphony of the greatest Russian composer Dmitry Shostakovich, whose performance was and is the biggest event for the whole of Russia. Exhausted by hunger and war musicians, barely holding tools, during the bombing of their last forces performed this symphony, which truly became a symbol of courage, power and firmness of the Russian people. Thanks to the broadcasts in the loudspeakers, the premiere of this monumental work rumbled to the entire besieged Leningrad, everyone heard it, especially the Nazis, one of whom admitted that it was precisely this evening that, to the sounds of the Leningrad Symphony, they realized that they would lose this war. Having visited St. Petersburg, do not forget to pay attention to the posters of the local philharmonic society and be sure to attend the performance of the Leningrad Symphony. Everyone must hear this.

So, the Leningrad region, incredibly rich not only with various historical and cultural monuments, but also with the beauty of pristine nature, has become one of the most visited regions of the world by tourists.

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