Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Kurgan region

Coat of arms of Kurgan region

Kurgan region: history, interesting places and events

The Kurgan region is the forty-fifth in the region of the Russian Federation, which is located in the Urals Federal District. The subject is located in the southern zone of the West Siberian Plain.

From the history of the region

This is one of the young subjects of the Russian Federation. It was formed in 1943 year 6 February by the Decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR with the administrative center in the city of Kurgan. The new area was given to 32 District of Eastern Chelyabinsk and 4 District of Omsk Regions respectively. At that time, the population of the region - 975 thousand people, in 2016 year the picture changed slightly. Today in the region there are a little more than 860 thousand people.

The region adjoins the Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen regions and Kazakhstan.

Hydrography of the Kurgan region

The top three rivers of the region are headed by Tobol, Iset and Miass. Among the lakes, Idgildy, Manyass, Bear, Okunevo, Half, Saltosaray and Black are considered to be particularly large.

Many of the region's natural pools are known for the curative composition of water and mud. Near them are formed resort areas "Pine Grove", a health center for children "Lake Gorkoe", and Medjvezhye is the largest salt lake in the region. The last pool is famous for water, similar to the Dead Sea and high concentration of sulphide mud.

Large settlements and ethnic groups

The main large settlements of the region became the city of Kurgan itself, as well as the cities of Shadrinsk, Shumikha, Kurtamysh, Dalmatovo. Of the urban-type settlements, Vargas and Kargapolye are particularly populated.

The largest groups of the population were Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs and Ukrainians.

What is worth paying attention to in the Kurgan region?

In addition to Medvezhye and Gorkoe lakes, which are famous for their medicinal properties, the following attractions are interesting in the region:

Alakul burial ground

The eponymous monument is in the Shchuchansk district. It dates from the XVII-XIV centuries BC.

House and museums of the Decembrists

In Kurgan, after the insurrection near the Senate building in 1825, IFFokht, V.N. Likharev, MA Nazimov, MM Naryshkin, AE Rozen, FA Briggen, VK Kuchelbecker. Their references here left a deep trace both in the life of the country and the region as a whole.

Forest "Lenin 100 years"

It was established in the 70-ies of the last century near the village of Zverinogolovskoe thanks to the initiative of the forester A. Kanshchikov. The length and height of the forest are such that the inscription is visible from outer space.

«Merry Ryaba»

Kennel of rare ornamental birds is located in with. Lukino of the Ketovsky district.

"Russian Cottage" in the village. Tagilskoe

The facility is located in the Kargapolsky district a few kilometers from the district center. The participants of the project "Living Antiquity" receive guests in the hut with a hundred-year history. The hut can boast of the Russian situation, here guests are treated to original Russian dishes and drinks, tell and show how people lived in the past.

A lot of people have already visited the Russian House, including Yuri Galtsev with his team of artists, as well as hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists.

From event tourism in the Kurgan region are interesting events such as:

· "Karaulka" (a festival of bardic songs on Lake Karauln in the village of Ust-Miass);

· Folk festivities near the village of Vyatkino "Night on Ivan Kupala";

· Festival of the Author's song «Bardovskie bonfires, about with. Zverinogolovsky on the log of the river Utyak.

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