Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Krasnoyarsk Territory

Coat of Arms of Krasnoyarsk Territory

Krasnoyarsk Territory Is located in the heart of Russia in the Siberian Federal District. It was formed from the West Siberian and East Siberian edges in 1934 year. The territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory is the second largest in Russia. This is the occupied area as the fourth part of Europe or as the three territories of France plus two of Germany. The population of the whole region is 2,8 million people, while the indigenous settlers - evenks (the same Tungus) make up only a small fraction of this amount. Each person has 0,8 km2 Area or 1,2 person / km2, That is, a large part of the region is practically untouched nature, not contaminated by human presence.

Tourism and Recreation

The main attractions Krasnoyarsk Territory, Which come to admire the tourists, are the rivers, lakes and caves. The unique natural landscape, the huge water area of ​​the rivers make up that inimitable Siberian flavor, which beckons to itself. A densely populated Europe can not even imagine such vast territories occupied only by a taiga forest.

The main river - Yenisei The main goal of ecotourists. On kayaks and canoes, you can endlessly explore the local places, and without seeing everything personally. Every year you can always choose a new route in the basins of the Yenisei and Ob rivers, and Ob-Yenisei connecting waterway Called the Russian analogue of the Suez Canal. The water area is not limited to the rivers, among which the second largest - the Upper Tunguska and the Podkamennaya Tunguska - with the winding coastline and the beautiful coastal strip are not mentioned, one should pay attention to the lakes of the area. Monastery and the Big are the most visited tourist places. But also Round, Svetlenkoe, Ojskoe do not remain with the side of hiking trails. Fishermen, divers, rafters Regular visitors of the region.

Special attention should be paid to reserves Krasnoyarsk Territory:

O Great Arctic;

O Sayano-Shushensky;

O Taymyrsky;

O Tunguska;

O Central Siberian.

The largest reserves in Russia and the world's top three leaders in terms of the territorial factor. With their unique flora and fauna, they attract not only researchers. Visitors can explore the Siberian virgin soil by explored routes or touch the virgin nature with the help of a guide. By the way, if you have long wanted to see lemmings, it is not necessary for this to take a tour to the Scandinavian countries. On the grounds of the Great Arctic Reserve there is a large population of these animals.

The cultural part of the excursion will be supplemented by interesting settlements, monuments, churches and temples. come to Krasnoyarsk region, We are a little to the north and colder than Krasnodar, but much more diverse.

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