Coat of arms of the Russian Federation


The coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory

The magnificent expanses of wild nature, the turquoise of the Azov and the Black Sea, the green of the broadest meadows combined with the amazing architecture, parks, galleries, museums, monuments and other diverse interesting sights leave an imprint of the southern cheerful beauty on everyone who visited this land.

To match the nature and traits in the character of local residents - sociability, goodwill and, of course, a passion for merry holidays. Walking along the expanses of the Krasnodar Territory, in addition to the traditional Slavic population, there is a high probability of meeting with Armenians, Greeks, Tatars, Georgians, Germans, Adygs, Azerbaijanis and Ossetians. Quite often in different villages and villages of this region nostalgia for the ancient Russian traditions flares up, and local people recreate a picture of various interesting rituals, so that the modern generation does not forget about its true roots.

One of the objects that fully reflects the ancient traditions of the Russian people is the magnificent, some kind of living museum "Ataman". As we know from the lessons of Russian history, the first on the land of Taman in the area of ​​Bald Mountain stepped foot Kuban Cossack by order of the great Empress Catherine II. So, in this magnificent, unique museum in the open air, you can fully saturate the atmosphere of everyday life of the Kuban Cossacks. Various household items XIXXX Centuries can be seen in the gallery "Antikvar" of the picturesque city of Sochi, and the wonderful park "Dobrodeya" of the city of Anapa causes an incredible interest in folk culture, epic, fairy tale.

Attracts attention to the zoo "Ostrich ranch", located in the town of Goryachy Klyuch. Here you can organize an exotic picnic by the pond, go fishing, ride horses and, of course, try fried eggs from ostrich eggs and the meat of this bird. In the zoo "Mir exotic", also located in this town, you can fully admire the greatness of the wild nature, the beauty of the mountains, see a lot of exotic animals. And with a variety of species of crocodiles you can meet at Crocodile Farm in Gelendzhik.

Visiting the city of Krasnodar, do not pass by the museum-reserve them. ED Felitsyna, in which there are about 400 thousand different interesting objects. A lot of tourists attract this city with a variety of attractions. Among them are the gallery "Seven paintings", the park "Sunny Island", the museum of postal communication, safari park and many others.

Anyone who has at least once visited the Krasnodar Territory, understands that it is simply unrealistic to describe in full all the advantages of this picturesque region.

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