Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Kirov region

Coat of arms of Kirov region

Kirov region is the birthplace of Russian folk crafts

In the Privolzhsky Federal District there is a small Kirov Region. This region with an administrative center in the city of Kirov (until 1934 the city was called Vyatka) found its current borders only in 1941 year. By the number of neighbors, the region is on the first place in Russia. Udmurtia, formerly part of the Kirov region, the Perm region, the Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kostroma, Nizhny Novgorod regions, as well as the republics of Mari El and Tatarstan. All nine adjacent regions make up the rim of the gem on the map of Russia, they frame the unique natural and cultural diamond of our country.

In Kirov for cultural enlightenment

Do you know the birthplace of the Dymkovo toy? Name the city from where this folk craft went. He appeared in the settlement of Dymkovo, near the city of Vyatka. Now this is the territory of Kirov. Therefore, to see the history of the toy, to enjoy the fruits of four hundred years of work can be in the museum of the city. An interesting fact: in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014, the motives of the Dymkovo ornament were used.

A true Russian is proud of Vologda lace, but not everyone knows about Vyatka and Kukar lace. These openwork products of folk craft are the visiting card of the Kirov region. In terms of artistic significance, they are in no way inferior to the famous Vologda, Eltsovsky, Mikhailovsky laces and are also woven by hand-craftsmen on bobbins. Bring a woven napkin with napkins or a tablecloth from Kirov as organically as a carrot from Tula.

Only a true connoisseur and collector knows a lot about wooden products from the region. Caskets, card holders, powder boxes and much more are made from the capocorn and historically produced only on the Vyatka lands. A unique breed of cap with a marble color on the cut looks ready as a creation from palaces. After visiting the city, be sure to ask this woodworking and turning craft.

Among the rest is worth mentioning products from straws, vines, flax and pine root. Fans of rural style in the interior will find unique things that will form the basis of design or the missing highlight of the finished design.

The approach to the cultural rest of the district is not limited to museums and souvenirs. Competitions and festivals are held regularly in the city and the region. This is a dance competition for the prize of VM. Zakharova, the international music festival, the festival of modern man-made toys and many others.

Tourists who prefer active recreation will find entertainment on the 19753 rivers of the region with a total length of 66,65 thousand km and 5,5 thousand closed water bodies (4,5 thousand lakes, ponds and huge swamps). And 202 specially protected natural areas, including natural Reserve "Nurgush" и Reserves "Pizhemsky", "Bylina", "Bushkovsky forest", " Many hunting reserves and 4 resort areas will leave an unforgettable impression and desire to return to visit in Kirov region.

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