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Kemerovo region

Coat of Arms Kemerovo Region

The Kemerovo Region is part of the Siberian Federal District, on its territory there live about 2 751 000 people according to the data for 2012 year. The largest city of the region is Novokuznetsk, 1 150 000 people live on its territory and in nearby settlements.

The main territory of the region lies in the Kuznetsk Basin, the southern part is occupied by Gornaya Shoria, the western part is occupied by the Salairsky Range, the eastern part by the Kuznetsk Alatau. The highest point of the region is the upper Zub charrun with a height of 2178 m, is located near the border with Khakassia, and the lowest point is not far from the Tomsk region in the Tom River valley.

The Kemerovo region is rich in minerals, primarily coking coals of the highest quality are mined here. Also, brown coal, polymetallic and iron ore, phosphorites and gold are mined.

The climate is sharply continental, with a long, frosty winter, short and cool in summer. The rivers of the region belong to the basin of the Ob, the most significant of them - Tom, Inya, Kiya and Yaya. Soils are sod-podzolic, but the Kuznetsk basin is replete with chernozems with high fertility.

The plant world is very rich, in the highlands tundra vegetation predominates, alpine meadows, on the middle and low mountains there are reptiles, tall grass, forests from aspen and fir predominate. Foothills and hollows between mountains are occupied by vegetation of steppe and forest-steppe regions. The fauna is represented by moose, roe deer, maral, and Siberian deer, but exclusively in the Kuznetsk Alatau Mountains. From predators live brown bears, wolverines and lynx. Proteins and muskrats are of commercial interest, as well as birds - capercaillie, black grouse and hazel grouse.

The Kemerovo region is one of the densely populated territories of Siberia, the main percentages of the population are Russians, 90%, the share of Siberian Tatars, mountain shors, teleuts and representatives of other nationalities accounts for only 10%. All nationalities preserved their national traditions, rites and customs.

Coal sections and mines are mainly in the central regions of the region, in Novokuznetsk and Tashtagol the metallurgical industry is developed, in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo, Anzhero-Sudzhensk there are machine-building enterprises, in the regional center there are a large number of chemical plants, such as coke-chemical plants, Karbolit, Khimprom. At the last, the first caprolactam production line in the USSR was launched.

In the region all types of transport communication are developed, water, air, road and rail. In large cities there are universities and colleges, theaters and other cultural institutions.

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