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Emblem of the Kamchatka Territory

One of the most interesting and unrestrained regions of Russia is the Kamchatka Territory. It is located in the east of Russia, on the peninsula of Kamchatka. Kamchatka is known to everybody because it is difficult to get there, it is not populated by people. Also here the main center of extraction of national delicacy - red caviar, which we all love.

Climate and nature in Kamchatka.

The climate is subarctic, there is a very long and cold winter (up to - 45 degrees below zero) and a short hot summer (up to + 40 degrees of heat). The territory of the peninsula is washed by two seas (Okhotsk and Bering) and the Pacific Ocean. The territory of the peninsula of Kamchatka is covered with high mountains and dense forests. Strong winds, rains and precipitation frighten tourists. Many volcanoes and glaciers have done their work, millions of tourists come every year to look at them. The nature here is fantastic, many rivers, lakes, waterfalls. It seems that the Kamchatka Territory is wild and untouched by man, everything is natural and fascinated here.

The Kamchatka region attracts extreme tourists, as well as the fact that there are many healing mineral springs, so it is possible to come and relax in the sanatoriums - gain strength and get better.

What to see for tourists in the Kamchatka Territory?

This is a paradise for climbers, here come from all over the world to conquer volcanoes, to look at the powerful natural phenomena and see the whole strength of nature. Photographers come here for unusual shots of wild nature, which then win all the world's exhibitions.

Hunting is also popular here, especially on the largest bears - brown, their number is about 20-30 thousand.

Another entertainment, attracting tourists can be called - fishing and rafting on the rivers. Here come rafting, descend on mountain rivers with large rapids - in excess of pleasure for extreme sports.

For professional skiers and snowboarders, the Kamchatka Krai offers many resorts with modern routes and lifts. Also there are competitions in skiing and there are huge bases where athletes train.

Well, in conclusion, the highlight of the Kamchatka Territory is diving with sea hunting. Here live more than 35 species of fish, and the most interesting, during diving you will have the opportunity to look at underwater wrecks, swim inward, and maybe you are lucky, and you will find a pirate treasure.

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