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The Jewish Autonomous Region

Coat of Arms Jewish Autonomous Region

The existence of the Jewish Autonomous Region is not known to all people, it is the only autonomous region on the territory of Russia. She gained her status in 1930, after many years of repression of the Jews. Formal legal education - except for Israel.

In the 20 century, there were a lot of Jews here, but now. More than half moved to Israel. Several times we wanted to take the status of autonomy from this region, because of inexpediency, but it did not happen. At the expense of the population, there are the most Russians here, then the Ukrainians, and the third place is the Jews.

Features and individualism of the Jewish Autonomous Region.

This area is on the border with China, the Amur Region and the Khabarovsk Territory. The Amur River, which flows in the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region, is covered with ice for about 5 months.

The climate here is comfortable, in summer it is cold and without precipitation in winter, and summers are hot and rainy. The whole territory is plains and mountains.

Flora and fauna are rich in different species, all due to the large number of forests that are on the whole territory.

Through the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region you can travel by car, train and bus, but the airport is not here.

But over the years, industrial production is developing, such as mining of fossils (peat, gold), cutting of trees, growing vegetables and fruits, textile production, livestock (especially cattle).

Residents of the Jewish Autonomous Region care about the education of their children, there are open 75 gardens, 97 schools, 8 evening schools. Also, there are branches of state higher institutions.

Among the attractions of the Jewish Autonomous Region, it should be noted - the ice cave. This cave of unearthly beauty, above and below the cave hang glacial beads, looking at which you think that you are in the castle of the Snow Queen. At the end of the cave there is an internal lake that glows. The water in it is clean and transparent, like a mirror.

The main city of this region is Birobidzhan, near which there is a Botanical nature monument "Bijansky Ostryaki". This is a large area - a meadow array with different motley grass and flowers, a spectacle of extraordinary beauty. Here are stored plants that are listed in the Red Book of Russia, they are protected and multiply.

This uncharted land attracts more and more tourists who are looking for new places.

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