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Ivanovo region

Coat of Arms Ivanovo Region

Culture of Ivanovo region

The Ivanovo region is located in the European part of Russia. This area is more densely populated than others.

In connection with technological breakthroughs, Ivanovo region is one of the leading in terms of light industry, power engineering, machine building, food industry and wood processing. Livestock is also developed here, animals are actively bred here, especially cattle.

Sights of Ivanovo region.

In this area, a lot of attractions are concentrated, which are known not only in Russia, but all over the world. Most of the locals profess Christianity. As proof of this, here we can see a lot of church, temples and monasteries.

The Holy Virgin Monastery is very beautiful, there were many pilgrims from all over Russia. It is made entirely of bricks, here you can free of charge to the pilgrims. The highlight of this monastery is that nuns help women's colonies, conduct psychological and spiritual conversations with them.

Since ancient times, local craftsmen made clothes from natural flax, thanks to their industry, the speed of sound grew in the Ivanovo region.

The city of Ivanovo is called the "capital of brides", on the eve of the wedding all the women of fashion gather in Ivanovo to pick up the dress of their dreams. Here they sew dresses for export and then stars with films dress Ivanovo dresses.

In the Ivanovo region, the Volga River flows, which enabled local entrepreneurs to develop a cruise business, skiing tourists along the Volga.

At the time of the Soviet Union in Ivanovo, many people lived who made an important contribution to history, in their honor in Ivanovo built a memorial complex "Red Talca", where you can see the busts of the famous Bolsheviks themselves.

If you are interested in art, then you can not leave the museum of Isaac Levitan indifferent. In Ivanovo region, he came in the summer three years in a row and created here his very best pictures.

For the youngest residents there is built an amusement park "Silver Park", there will not be bored to anyone, neither children, nor their parents. Dozens of slides, sweet cotton wool, games and clowns will make any day festive, and on the face of your child appear joy and happiness.

In conclusion, it should be said that the Ivanovo region is included in the "Golden Ring" of Russia's sights.

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