Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Irkutsk Region

Coat of Arms of Irkutsk Region

Main characteristics, location, population

The Irkutsk region is one of the largest constituent entities of the Russian Federation, located in the southeast of Siberia with a population of about two and a half million people. About 40 nationalities live here permanently. The territory of the region approximately corresponds to Turkey. It borders on Buryatia, Tuva, Yakutia, Krasnoyarsk and Zabaikalskiy. The time difference with Moscow is 5 hours.


Irkutsk region has no access to the sea. Because of this remoteness, the climate here is sharply continental With significant fluctuations in air temperatures. The air temperature difference in winter and summer can exceed 70 ° C.

Natural attractions

The region has a rich heritage. There are amazing natural objects here. First of all, this is the deepest and most mysterious fresh lake on our planet. There are very few mineral substances in the waters of Lake Baikal, but very many Oxygen. The lake bottom is below the level of the World Ocean by more than a thousand meters. The water in Baikal is amazingly transparent. Can see All that is at a depth of more than fifty meters. Here is the mysterious The Devil's Funnel. From time to time, when fully calm, it comes into action similarly The hellish gates, which draw the souls of sinners. Another anomalous zone, called the "Baikal triangle", is located in one of the deep-water parts of the lake. Devices refuse to work here, and people are lost in time. All year round on the horizon there are mirages of buildings, which in fact are at a distance of up to fifty kilometers. In winter, Baikal is unique with its so-called "ice hills" with a height of more than six meters. On the icy surface from outer space, one can see unusual rings that occur each year in new and new places. Attracts tourists and the Baikal National Park, where the large wintering of waterfowl is concentrated. Here, the winter survives to 10-15 thousands of ducks and birds of prey.


In addition, the Irkutsk region is also the energy center, the largest supplier of aluminum, coal, oil products, timber and many other minerals. On the territory of the region there are 4 large hydroelectric power stations - Bratskaya, Irkutsk, Mamakanskaya and Ust-Ilimskaya. Here is one of the largest railways in the world - The Baikal-Amur Mainline. Her Construction took place in very difficult geological and climatic conditions for more than sixty years.

Administrative center

The administrative center of the region is the city of Irkutsk, with a population of more than half a million people. This is the sixth largest city in Siberia with an amazing history and beautiful Scenery. The city survived several fires and was completely restored. The historical center is included in the preliminary World Heritage List UNESCO. Before the revolution 1917, the city was called "Siberian Petersburg" and "Eastern Paris". This reflected the leading cultural and educational significance of Russian Asia since the mid-19th century. Currently, alas, these terms are used as a symbol of sarcasm. Nevertheless, Residents of the region are very fond of their land, because the main value here is Unique natural resources and great industrial potential.

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