Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

The Republic of Ingushetia

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Ingushetia

Ingushetia is one of the youngest and youngest Republics of the Russian Federation. It is a constituent part of the Southern Federal District. Formed this proud Caucasian republic was 2 June 1992 year. The population is 40-50 thousand people of different nationalities: Ingush, Russians, Chechens. And this is logical, since Ingushetia borders on North Ossetia, the Chechen Republic and Georgia. The main religion practiced by the inhabitants of these places is Islam. The capital of the Republic is Magas, which got its status in 1995 year. The city is small enough, but it has its own background.

Climatic conditions

The climate of Ingushetia directly depends on its location. The Caucasian ridges contribute to quite cold weather conditions throughout the year: winter comes very early, characterized by cold winds and severe frosts; Summer is wet and lasts not long. The greatest amount of precipitation is expected during the warm half of the year, and in winter - a minimum.

Despite all the shortcomings of weather conditions, Ingushetia fascinates with the amazing beauty of natural conditions. The diversity of both plants and animals amazes and provides an opportunity to enjoy the fabulous views of a proud Caucasian republic.

Sights of Ingushetia

One of the most popular places visited by tourists is the Accord Tower, which is located in the capital of Ingushetia. This building is considered a symbol of the unity of all the Ingush who live in Russia. It is also considered the highest building in the republic. At an altitude of 700 m, the immense expanse of charming land will appear before the eyes of the visitor, but before that there will be a heavy climb up the stairs inside the tower. Yes, there is no elevator, but no one who has overcome this path will never regret it. After all, what he will contemplate as a result, can not be compared with anything.

Mount Mt-Loam or whatever it is called "the fiery mountain" is a very entertaining place. Previously it was believed that it was this mountain - the residence of the gods. The legend says that there lived a deity who controlled thunder, lightning and other natural phenomena. Here, residents celebrate the summer solstice, which was accompanied by traditional songs and dances of both indigenous people and guests. The top of this mountain represents a sanctuary, which attracts tourists here.

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