Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Chuvash Republic - Chuvashia

Coat of Arms of Chuvashia

Chuvash Republic - Chuvashia is a part of the Russian Federation as a subject of the federation, it is located in the central European part of the Russian Federation, has its own constitution, legislation, independently adopts laws, and regulatory legal acts, without going beyond the limits of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. On the territory of the republic, its own Constitution operates. There are two state languages: Chuvash and Russian. The capital city is Cheboksary.

Chuvashia is located on the East European Plain, its eastern territory, occupies most of the right bank of the Volga, between Sura and Sviyaga, its tributaries. In the west, the Nizhny Novgorod region is adjacent to this subject of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Mari El is on the north, the border with Tatarstan is on the east, and Mordovia and the Ulyanovsk region are located to the south.

Soils are mostly black earth. Water resources are used in the national economy, in particular, the potential of the Volga at the Cheboksary HPP has not yet been fully exploited. Minerals of Chuvashia is poor, there is only a deposit of phosphorite ores, oil shales and peat. The climate is temperate-continental, two natural zones - forest-steppe and forest, the average temperature of the coldest month is 13 degrees, and the warmest summer - + 19 degrees.

In the Chuvash Republic live about 1 280 000 people (according to the data for 2012 year), 57,7% is the population of cities. The majority of the population is represented by indigenous nationality, Chuvash, about 70%, about a quarter - Russian, 2,8 - Tatars, slightly more 2% account for different other nationalities.

Chuvashia is part of the Volga-Vyatka economic region, not the leader in industrial production, but also not an outsider. Enterprises are mainly concentrated in two cities - Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk, three-quarters of all the republic's products are produced here. There are two plants in Kanash, a car with auto-aggregate, in Alatyr - instrument-making enterprises, special cars and vans are produced in Sumerla. In Vurnarakh, the chemical plant used to serve the military-industrial complex, and today they produce mixed preparations.

Most of the Chuvash schools, teaching in them is conducted in the national language, half the number of Russian schools, just over a dozen or so - the Tatar ones. All schools study the Russian language, if it does not teach, the Chuvash language is also taught in Russian-language schools, but the quality of its possession is extremely low for graduates.

There are theaters and museums on the territory of the Chuvash Republic, periodicals are published, local radio stations are operating and national TV channels are broadcasting.

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