Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Chelyabinsk region

Coat of Arms of Chelyabinsk Region

It is this region It is known for great achievements in the sphere of industry, and more specifically, in the field of ferrous metallurgy. But the Chelyabinsk region is rich not only with such resources, but with natural resources, as there are many nature reserves on its territory, one of Arkaim's most popular ones. Many believe that St. John Chrysostom was born there - a priest and a prophet. The main metallurgical city of Russia is in the Chelyabinsk region, it is Magnitogorsk. It is here that the largest number of atomic bombs in Russia, that is, cities belonging to the atomic industry complex.

Many cultures are developing and peaceful, there are Orthodox and Catholic churches, mosques, Protestant churches and a synagogue.

Interesting facts about the harsh city of Chelyabinsk

It is not difficult to guess that the main city of the Chelyabinsk region is Chelyabinsk Is a large industrial city in Russia. Megapolis in the heart of the forest - Chelyabinsk city forest. The Leningrad bridge connects two parts of a large city, one half of which is in the Urals, and the other in Siberia. Thus, residents of Chelyabinsk have a great opportunity to travel without leaving their city limits. A harsh city can be proud of the fact that it was here for the first time that they began to resist the "Siberian anthrax" and to thank Semyon Andrievsky for this, who risked his life, specially infected himself with this disease to help millions of people survive. And, of course, Chelyabinsk meteorite - 15 February 2013 year in the Chelyabinsk region exploded a fragment of the celestial body, resulting in many residents were injured by broken glass shards.

Sights of the Chelyabinsk region

The first thing to do is to visit Arkaim - the remains of an ancient settlement, which, compared to the Egyptian pyramids, can be compared with its age. A place with an unprecedented energy - the Mountain of Revelation and the Shamanka Mountain, the name on this mountain is a spiral of stones, after which you can get rid of sins.
An incredible reservoir and the main source of drinking water in Chelyabinsk is Lake Argazi. The Chelyabinsk region also boasts such sights as the Ilmen Reserve, the Mausoleum of Kesene, the Village of Paris, the Sugomak Cave and the local celebrity mountain range - Taganay.

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