Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Belgorod region

Coat of arms of Belgorod region

The Belgorod region was founded on 6 January 1954. The area of ​​the territory is 27 thousand 100 square. Kilometers. The region occupies 67 place in the state by area and 30 by population. In the Belgorod region is home to slightly more than 1,5 million people. The area is quite densely populated, because 1 people live on 57 sq. Km.

3 settlements are significantly distinguished from others in terms of the number of inhabitants. It is a question of the regional center (1 lives on 2016 January), the city of Stary Oskol (population is 387090 inhabitants) and the city of Gubkin, where just over 222125 people lived at the beginning of 2016 year.

Belgorod Region is one of the border regions of the Russian Federation with Ukraine. The state border passes in the south and west of the region. From the Ukrainian side to the Belgorod region are adjacent Kharkov, Lugansk and Sumy regions. The north and north-western parts of the region border on the Kursk region, and in the east - with the Voronezh region.

The population of the region is multinational. Since 1989, 3 censuses have been conducted. The main trend that can be noted is the increase in the number of Russians in the structure of the population of the region. According to the last census 2010 year in the region is home to 94,4% of Russians. At 2, the Ukrainian diaspora is 2,8%. Representatives of the Armenian nation are just 0,5% of the total population of the Belgorod region. The number of other national minorities is less than 0,3%.

Approximately 1% of the whole territory of the region is occupied by rivers and reservoirs. It is believed that this is not enough, but the relief of the region (plain) did not allow the formation of more rivers on its territory. Despite this, several fairly large rivers flow in this region:

- Psel;

- Vorskla;

- Seversky Donets;

- Vorsklitsa;

- Quiet Pine.

Folk traditions in the region are alive. Rites can be divided into agricultural and family-household. The cult of the earth, nature, and the agricultural orientation of the region itself show the essence of the life of the rural population. Religious Orthodox traditions are venerated in the region. There are wedding and funeral rules. Traditions have been preserved for dressing certain types of folk clothes in certain cases or on holidays. The culture of the Belgorod region is very rich.

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