Coat of arms of the Russian Federation

Altai Republic

Coat of arms of the Altai Republic

Altai Republic

Despite the huge wealth and diversity of Russian nature, the Republic of Altai can be safely called one of the main attractions of Russia. If you dreamed of seeing the beauty of Siberian nature, then you need to begin acquaintance with it from Altai.

The republic itself is very small, there is a little more than 200 000 people. Russians account for slightly more than half of the region's population, while the Altaians themselves are in second place. The capital of the region, a city of national importance is Gorno-Altaisk. This is a quite modern city with a well-developed infrastructure for tourists, but it is not worthwhile to stay in the capital for long, because the main treasures of Altai are outside the cities.

Altai tourist

Tourism is one of the main profitable articles of the region's economy. Each year, here comes about 1 million tourists, which is not so much considering the wealth of this region, which is definitely worth seeing. The disadvantage of this situation is that the infrastructure for travelers is poorly developed. On the other hand, Altai has not yet been spoiled by an endless stream of vacationers. They come here just to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature.

The main thing is why, in the Altai Republic tourists come from all over the country - this is an amazing nature. High mountain ranges intermingle with deep river, plateaus, valleys and thousands of lakes. Lakes in the Altai are really about 7000, and their total length exceeds 600 km sq. Km. In addition, here is the main mountain peak of Siberia - the four thousand-meter Belukha.

Due to the pronounced vertical zoning of the landscape, in one day you can see here a lot of completely different natural and climatic complexes. Coniferous taiga massifs are replaced by green meadows, turbulent river streams, stony steppes and snow-covered mountain ranges.

The most popular tourist destination is the Teletskoye Lake, on the banks of which 2 operates a dozen boarding houses, camp sites and numerous campsites. Fishing, walking, water and horseback rides are at the service of holidaymakers.

You can get to Altai by plane or by car, although the network of roads within the region itself is poorly developed. Due to the fact that in bad weather conditions it is practically impossible to travel around the republic by car, several cities have commercial helicopter platforms. There is no railway communication, the nearest station is Baisk of the West Siberian Railway.

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