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Tver region

Coat of Arms of Tver Region

Acquaintance with Tver region

The Tver region is located in the Central District and dates back to ancient times, but formally under such a name and in such boundaries it exists from 1935 year.

Rich history and incredible nature, interesting memoirs and entertainment for every taste - all this is in the Tver region. But from which side do not approach the description of all the Tver sights, we can not but say that an incredible number of Orthodox shrines is concentrated here, and to see at least a small part of them will have to come here more than once.

Recreation cultural and active

Only registered cultural and historical monuments in the area of ​​almost 9 500. Excursions around monasteries and temples are not popular with all tourists, but in Tver To visit such places is worth. After all, almost all of them are located against the backdrop of an incredible nature. What is the only Bogoroditsky Zhitenny monastery in Ostashkov on the coast Seliger. Remember all the temples and monasteries is impossible, so you should buy a map of the region with the monuments marked on it and make up an optimal route for yourself.

In addition to the wonderful temples and landscapes of incredible beauty, there are places in the Tver region that simply can not be compared with anything else: the main one is the flooded Kalyazinskaya bell tower of the St. Nicholas Cathedral. It was built in 1800 year in the territory Uglich reservoir. The bell tower went under water after the construction of the reservoir. Now over the water rises only its upper tier, and from 2016 year in it the bells ring again.

To list and visit all the monuments of the region is an impossible task. It's difficult to narrow the search for interesting places, but you can try. In the region there are 15 towns and villages officially recognized as historical property and if you do not know how to begin acquaintance with the region, go to one of them. Kashin, Rzhev, Torzhok or Kalyazin - you decide, in any case there will be something to see.

The nature of the Tver region is its main wealth. The abundance of rivers and lakes here is incredible, so outdoor enthusiasts are waiting for expanse. To appreciate the pristine beauty in express mode, go to the national park Zavidovo or the Central Forest Reserve.

Tourists who have more time and desire to be alone with nature can safely pack backpacks, tents and go on a long walk along the banks of Seliger. Camping on the lake has long been fond of tourists, but this does not mean that you need to nail to the place where it has been mastered. At your disposal about 150 islets that you can master. For those who do not like to fall asleep in a tent under the hum of mosquitoes on the lake you can rent comfortable houses with all the benefits of civilization.


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