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The Northern Dvina River

The Northern Dvina River
Length: 744 km
Area of ​​the pool: 357 000 km2

The Northern Dvina River is the most important river in the northern part of European Russia and the basin Of the White Sea; Is formed at the Shaburinsky Island from the compound at Veliky Ustyug city of the rivers of Sukhona and the South, which is why it was dubbed the Dvina, that is, the double river. The Northern Dvina irrigates parts of the Vologda and Arkhangelsk regions and, after approximately 673 kilometers, flows from the southeast to the Dvinskaya Bay of the White Sea, at 40 kilometers below the city of Arkhangelsk. First, the Northern Dvina flows to the north with a slight deviation to the east along the Ustyug Gorge for 63 kilometers, to the point of confluence with the Vychegda, which is considered to be the tributary of the Northern Dvina, although it is larger than the upper Northern Dvina by the mass of water, the channel width and so on. From the mouth of the Vychegda, the Northern Dvina takes a direction to the north-west, which preserves throughout the rest of its current. The river area of ​​the Northern Dvina stretches from 320 000 to 340 000 square kilometers. The Northern Dvina has a very calm current, which receives a significant speed only on busts. The river flows through a wide valley, on both sides enclosed by high banks, consisting partly of calcareous, and partly of sandy layers. That one, then the other of the coasts, alternating between themselves, approach the riverbed with considerable steepness. Up to the mouth of the Vychegda, the Northern Dvina changes little to its original channel, into which almost every change in spring leaves without a change in the care of high water.

The Northern Dvina River

Length - 744 km, length with Sukhona - 1300 km, length with Vychegda - 1803 km. According to the State Water Register, the length of the waterway r. Kuben - the lake. Kubenskoe - r. Sukhona - r. The Northern Dvina is 1 683 km. Area of ​​the basin - 357 thousand km2. The Small Northern Dvina is formed by the confluence of the rivers Sukhona and the South (near Veliky Ustyug in the Vologda region). Further flows to the north, to the Arkhangelsk Region. Near the town of Kotlas, the Lesser Northern Dvina merges with the Vychegda (it should be noted that the Vychegda at the confluence carries more water than the Lesser Northern Dvina), then turns to the northwest, and then gradually to the north. Almost on the north merges with Pineigh. Delta of the Northern Dvina (the area of ​​the delta is about 900 km2) Begins from Novodvinsk. Near Arkhangelsk and Severodvinsk empties into the Dvinskaya Bay of the White Sea. Below the confluence of the Pinega, the Northern Dvina is divided into channels with numerous islands, the width of the valley increases to 18 km. In Arkhangelsk, the river once again gathers in the same channel, and below the city forms the delta of Sq. 900 km2, Consisting of several sleeves.

The Northern Dvina River
Hydrology of the river

The food is mixed, with a predominance of snow. Average water discharge at the confluence of Sukhona and the South 770 m3/ S, at the mouth of 3490 m3/from. The greatest range of level fluctuations between the mouths of the Vagi and Pinega Rivers up to 14 m. It freezes in late October - early November, is opened from the beginning of April to the beginning of May. Ice drift with frequent congestion.

Economic use

Shipping on the Northern Dvina begins immediately on her autopsy; In a few days barges come to Arkhangelsk "from above" and commercial and fishing vessels from the sea soon arrive. Continuing navigation until the middle of October, steamships due to shallow water sometimes begin to sail along the river not earlier than July and even August. In September, the water arrives. The length of the rivers of the Dvina basin is 7693 km, of which 658 km of alloy tracks are exclusively for timber rafts, 1223 km for loaded vessels and 4294 km for shipping in both directions.

The Northern Dvina River

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