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Apple ridge

Apple ridge
The highest peak: Kontalaksky Golets
Height of the top: 1706 m
The apple ridge is a mountain range with a predominance of middle relief in the central part of Transbaikalia, mainly in the Trans-Baikal Territory. They are stretched to 650 km from the Malhansky range in the West to the mouth of the Nyukzhi River (the tributary of the Olekma River) in the East. The maximum height is 1706 m (Kultalak Goletz). It is composed of granites, crystalline schists, sandstones. Traces of ancient glaciation are widespread. The slopes of the ridge grew larch, pine, less often - fir-spruce forests. Above 1300-1400 m forests are replaced by mountain tundra. Initially, the Buryat, the name of one of the passes through the Yabalgani-Daban ridge - "passable (pass) pass" was reinterpreted by the Russian. In the Apple Pass. Over time, the pass and the ridge was called Yablonovy. The widespread explanation of the name of the ridge by the growth of wild apple trees on it is erroneous, - the apple tree on the slopes of this ridge does not grow.
Apple ridge

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