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The median ridge

The median ridge
The highest peak: Ichinsky hillock
Height of the top: 3621 m
The median range is a mountain chain, the main watershed ridge on the Kamchatka peninsula. Length - 1200 km, geographical coordinates - 56 ° 00'00 "p. W. 158 ° 00'00 "in. (G) (O). & Lt; / RTI & gt; It extends from the north to the south, contains a large number of volcanoes, mostly of the thyroid and stratovolcanoes. In addition to volcanoes, it consists of lava plateaus, separate mountain ranges and isolated peaks covered with glaciers (total area 866 km2). The ridges Malkinsky, Kozyrevsky and Bystrinsky stand out. The highest point is the Ichin hill (3621 m). Many volcanoes exceed 2000 m: Khuvkhoytun (2618 m), town of Alnai (2581 m), town of Shishel (2531 m), Ostra Sopka (2539 m). The rivers that flow down the slopes of the Median ridge are very close to each other in the upper reaches. In the lower part of the slopes there are forests of stone birch, cedar and alder wood; Above - the mountain tundra.
The median ridge
In total the range consists of 28 passes and 11 peaks, most of the passes are in the northern part. For the central part of the ridge, significant distances between large peaks are common. The southern part of the ridge is characterized by a high degree of dissection into separate massifs, differing in the asymmetry of the slopes. The middle ridge of Kamchatka is a large, complexly constructed mountain-volcanic system that stretches almost along the axis of the peninsula and is its main watershed, dividing the basins of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The total length of the ridge is 900 km., And the width varies from 60-70 to 130 km. Its southern boundary runs along the latitude of the river. Plotnikova, in the north the ridge ends in the area of ​​the Kamchatka Isthmus. The average height of the ridge is 1500-1600 m, more than ten peaks above 2500 m, the highest mark is the volcano Ichinsky (3621 m), which is an active volcano. Mount Terpuk (791 m) is located at 1 km north northwest of Mount Kabeney, in the northern part of the Mid-Range.
The median ridge

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