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Lake Pyasino

Lake Pyasino
Area: 735 km2
The greatest depth: 10 m

Lake Pyasino is a lake of glacial origin in Russia in the southwest of the North Siberian lowland in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, about 20 km from Norilsk. It freezes in early October, is opened from ice in late June - early July.

Physico-geographical characteristics

From the lake flows the only river Pyasina, the main tributary - the river. Norilsk, the latter can be considered the upper course of the Pyasina River, which in the north of the present-day lake is pinned by a chain of terminal moraine. Norilsk with the confluence of the lake forms a river delta, part of which is also the Ambarnaya River. Other tributaries of the lake are not significant.

The banks of the Pyasina are mostly flat, sometimes swampy. The lake collects the waters of large lakes Lama, Keta and Glubokoe in Mount Putorana. The lake is replete with fish, it contains the trout of 2 species and a special kind of chir, called mokchugor.

Lake Pyasino

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