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The brotherly reservoir

The brotherly reservoir
Area: 5 426 - 5 470 km2
The greatest depth: 150 m

The Bratsk water reservoir is a reservoir in the Irkutsk region of Russia, The Angara River As a result of the construction of the Bratsk HPP, the world's second largest reservoir. On the shores of the city of Bratsk, on which it received the name, and Svirsk. The reservoir is widely used for navigation, fishing, rafting and water supply. It is distinguished by considerable fish resources.

Bratsk water reservoir on the river. The Angara is the largest in terms of total volume (169,3 km3) Valley reservoir of the world. The reservoir is filled in 1961-67 years and has a very complex configuration. It consists of two main plains occupying the flooded areas of the Angara river valleys (length 500 km, maximum width 33 km) and Oka (length 370 km). In the valleys of many other tributaries, long, winding bays formed.

The brotherly reservoir

The brotherly reservoir is of great importance for energy, shipping, timber floating, water supply and fisheries.

Main characteristics

The dam at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station was built in 1961 year, the reservoir filling was completed in 1967 year. The area of ​​the water surface of the reservoir ranges from 5 426 km2 Up to 5 470 km2, And the volume reaches 169 km3. The useful volume of the Bratsk Reservoir is 35.41 km3, The average depth is 31 m, the change in the level when working off the NPC is 7.08 m. The coastline is about 7 400 km long, and the long bays are formed at the place where large rivers flow into the Angara, Oka, Ii and others. The width of the Bratsk water reservoir exceeds 20 km.

The brotherly reservoir

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